About Discrimination in Love

Is there a difference if you are in love in a person who differs from you? Today as usual, I have a conversation about relationship with one of my closest friend. She shared… Continue reading

How Others Use Ours.

Yesterday I had a talk with a friend of mine about immigrants and documents. I think you have an idea that a lot of young people come here to start a new life…… Continue reading

What love means to you? (Poem in Russian)

I wrote this poem in 2009, almost two years ago. I tried to translate it in English but I lost the rhyme 🙂 so I just gave up. The meanings of this poem… Continue reading

Somebody Who Can Make You Smile. (Emotional note)

Three years ago I came here…in America… I completely switched my life… I got a 30-minutes program on the government radio station, 2-pages on the famous youth-fashion magazine, psych trainer career, manager assistant… Continue reading

Deepening knowledge. (C)

http://www.noguchi.org I had a conversation with a co-worker couple of months ago and she said, “I hate to study… I hate to write papers/essays and I hate due dates.” Another person [he was… Continue reading

How I started to read “NY Times”

Summer 2010. It was a hot summer time and full of fears about a new place; moreover, Queens College looked like a big, foreign and non-friendly place where professors were mean and students… Continue reading

Sometimes we lose them… Sometimes they lose us.

After couple of years living in another country, I realized that our friends lose us or we lose them. Despite the fact that we are talking every single day via social networks, chats… Continue reading

The city of my Apples.

The city of my Apples.