bread with bread

Today I got a tuna salad sandwich and I ate it with a whole wheat bagel. Maybe for some of you, it looks like a little bit weird and crazy but for me… Continue reading

I am lucky.

Why? I am not writing depressive statues… I am not thinking about the past… I do not give up in people… I become a positive one… little and positive one. Maybe sometimes I… Continue reading

Picking apples in Upstate NY

I love New York. I love the way I look at it… I love little streets and sirens at 3 am… I love hot or cold fancy coffee with Italian pastry but sometimes… Continue reading

Want to control her? Love her. (emotional note)

If you want to control a woman, Love her. Today I realized that when I am in love, I cannot think… Absolutely yes, when a man stops to show it or prove it,… Continue reading

…this reward called Love.

LOVE… This four-letters word may change your smile now… They can make your heart beats… They may make you cry or laugh… They can make you sigh… but every single time They will… Continue reading

too honest…

Sometimes we can deal with dishonest people… sometimes we trust them… sometimes you started to believe and then they make you cry and hurt you. My tears…not because their stupid words made me… Continue reading

Talk, Think, Love freely.

Why people said that America change people…their views and style of life? Couple of week ago, I got an email that offended me a lot. It was, “You became a real American… you… Continue reading

Who? My Past? I will probably not to call you back.

Couple of weeks ago, I found three emails in my inbox…they were from my past. Today I received a call from my past as well. Do you know what? Maybe three months ago,… Continue reading

I’m an old-fashioned lady…

Living in America, I observed different couples… different nations… ages… genders… and every time I realized that I had an old school 🙂 Sometimes  I feel that I am in my 80’s because… Continue reading

I’m in Love in… NY :)

When I came here three years, I thought “Oh my God… this city is a big Garbage.” Million of people with red, green, yellow hair, wearing purple and orange shirts above one another…sometimes… Continue reading

F*… I am a lady.

In USSR time, every single student has to have a “diary” where s/he got their scores, notes, homework notes and… weekly scores for behavior. Teachers had to use only red ink and students… Continue reading

Re: Father’s Love

I just have read a story on this website about Father’s Love. It was a sweet story about how Dad kissed his daughter while she was crying. Do you know how to be a… Continue reading

I met him when I was 15.

I met him when I was fifteen. I was too young and didn’t understand who is He and what kind of pain he could make. I was lost when I saw him in… Continue reading

…Growth is Optinal.

I remember… when I came to America, I couldn’t “‘hear” people and understand them. I couldn’t talk because I was ashamed of my Russian accent. Because I tried to find solace in the… Continue reading

…I am a faithful wife.

– Why you don’t believe me? – I’m sorry… but it is my nature. I cannot believe that you will wait for me while I am served. I am sorry. It is too… Continue reading