Couple of months ago, I just found out that everything might change: your style of life, your views, your friends, your feelings. It could be more than you can expect. I start to… Continue reading

Home. NY.

Now… My heart belongs to you. I remember this moments when my plane landed. I remember this horrible smell of taxis, Chinese food, Indian pharmacies, but no hospitality. I remember New Yorkers, not… Continue reading

Where is a real man?

Why men became so egoistic today? They think that living in a big city give them a chance to act like kings or what? They expect a lot from us, women. They act… Continue reading

Look Straight.

Do you remember this April morning when we both climbed into the mountain? Do you remember what did I tell you that morning? But before that… do you remember how you kissed me?… Continue reading

Think twice before say something.

Sometimes people are so “smart” to say, “Girl, you are wrong… You are that… you are this.”  Some of them want to teach you, others want to point out to your mistakes in… Continue reading

Think outside of the Box, when your Box is Full.

Almost a year ago, I met a young man in his late twenties. And he was funny, nice, polite but… not educated. After couple of weeks, I asked him about his education and… Continue reading

I love NY because

Everybody has to have their own life…their own way…their own opinion and power. When I moved from one U* to another U*, I became more optimistic because of new horizons and opportunities.. but… Continue reading

My Own Anniversary.

Next week, I will be 4-years as a New Yorker, as an American resident, as a critical-immigrant-thinker, as a young woman with a broken heart, and a “dealer in hope” as Napoleon said.… Continue reading

Just a thought (about a date).

It just came to my mind… yes…this phrase… “How to date a…”  (if you are Russian young woman). When I came here as an immigrant, I thought why people meet up each other… Continue reading

My trouvaille.

A year ago, one man told me, “I want you to be mine for the rest of my life. I realized that I need you…” And I said, “You never know… Maybe I… Continue reading

A little bit about mixing…

While I was preparing to my chemistry exam, I realized that chemical solutions like people. We can have two or more elements with different charges, we can react, mix with one another…as the… Continue reading

If you love Life, Life will love you back (c).

We are creators. We are painters. We are founders. We can create our own life… paint it in hundred different colors… find million different ways to reach our goal. You do not need… Continue reading

Hi. (The letter that I never will send)

Here is what I write (here… is what I want to write). Hi. (Hi my sweetheart, my man… my love…just mine). How are you? (It is a simple question… but I really want to know… Continue reading

…because I love apples. (Stories about apple-helpers)

Today, I have a really funny story. My cousin updated my mom’s PC; the printer stopped working (as I expected) and he tried to fix it (almost the whole day). He tried to… Continue reading

Buy or not buy

  Buy Or Not To Buy When is the last time you saw your favorite advertisement of healthy food, perfume, bags, mobile services, computer and etc.? This morning? Every time? Right now? Yes…we… Continue reading