Life Makes Us to be an Immigrants.

Do you know what is the biggest fear? Every day, you are scared for your life… How to live… What to eat… How to survive… That’s why we become an immigrants. That’s why… Continue reading

Be Careful. Knock Out Game.

Please be careful. I received a link about a knock out game (if you do not know what is it, please google it). Knock out game is a “fun game” when teenagers knock… Continue reading

Just Write it Down. Every day.

I am working on my statement of purpose now. I am reading, re-writing, deleting, editing, re-writing again and then all over and over again. I have to put my 25 years-old life in… Continue reading

Change is here.

I came here as an immigrant, the young girl in her 20 years-old with Korean background, Russian language-talking and Uzbek mentality, with my own dreams and ambitions. Can I say that America changed… Continue reading

Desperate (but not Housewife). About Domestic Violence.

Third time during this month, I heard that my friends were abused; moreover, abused physically. I heard a lot about it at college, attended lectures and discussed this topic in student clubs; I… Continue reading

Nostalgie… (Man Uzbek qizman :P still)

Today I got a conversation with one person about mentality and cultural differences. What are they? What we can define as cultural differences? Food? Unexpected emotions? Style of life? And I realized that… Continue reading

Respect. (I am sorry)

Respect. Seven letters… This is too Simple word to say and too complicated to give it. Respect… I met a man with whom I could breathe and trust. I met a man with… Continue reading


“When you are completely unconditionally trust the person, the result is one of the two things: either you will have the person for life, or a lesson for life …” It hurts. It… Continue reading

Will You?

We are different. I realized that women and men are different. I realized that We are different with him. We have completely different views of our own lives and OUR life together. We… Continue reading

Your Time=Your Life. (short)

When I came here as an immigrant, I had no choice where to live and where to work. Most of you may say that, “Everybody has a choice”. No, you are not. Sometimes,… Continue reading

Two Me Talking to Each Other:

Two Me talking to each other: – Hey Girl. Too many thoughts in your mind, wanna talk? – Amy? – Yep… Where is a volume button? Higher… higher 🙂 Yes… I like this… Continue reading

Are Uzbek Girls Too Complicated?

Today one of my good friends asked me, “Why are you (still) single? What?! Is that too complicated to find a man?” We were laughed but he actually made me so confused for… Continue reading

[An Ideal Man] Myth? Reality? Fantasy?

In our world, young and not-young women want to find an ideal or real man, but they don’t know where to find them. Who are they? Are they myth or reality? I just… Continue reading

“I need your love… I need your time…” song.

Couple of months ago, I heard a story of my good friend about her relationship. Today I decided to publish it with her permission. “I met him accidentally. It was a co-worker thing,… Continue reading

Take Your Piece of Life.

I live here for almost five years, and yes… I miss my home… maybe I miss an image and feelings of my home… I miss my friends… oh maybe it is just a… Continue reading