About Me.

Hello my dear Reader,

Who doesn’t know me yet, my name is A. and I am an immigrant. I was born in the USSR… now, I am living only in two letters from the place that I was born… which is US. Because it is a little bit difficult to start a new life in a new place without any kind of moral support, language, customs and traditions, I decided to start my own blog about difficulties and troubles that almost every immigrant can face it; so you can read it and feel how I was feeling and feel right now. I wish you will like my notes and find them a little bit useful, a little bit funny and full of my own emotions. Some of them will make you smile, laugh and put you in a deep thinking… I wish you will find some priceless information in them about other people, post-soviet union life, russian-speaking traditions and much more.

Immigrant’s notes are notes for people who would like to feel him/herself on immigrant’s shoes but not to wearing them. My notes are for people who can fell down and stood up again and again… who didn’t stop to believe in universe and fight with his/her own weakness and doubts. Immigrant’s notes are notes for people who want to smile and laugh with me about the things that some people may not see because they are not an immigrants. 🙂

Living in America and speaking in English every single day, sharing American style of life, I started to forget my “old” fears and expectations such as “open your mouth and talk in foreign language” or “why people smile to me” or “what will I do in the end of my education”? . Some fears started to dissolve… Some thoughts became to change and routine started to polish my views. Because of that, memory begins to forget a minor things such as first impressions, first tears, first laugh, first “victory” like tests and exams… and I really need it. I want to remember every single step in a new country, every single barrier, my feelings and emotions at this particular time and that’s why… I started to write my own blog.

Do not want to waste your time and gladly invite you to read my Immigrant’s notes. Enjoy.

Truly Yours,