Immigration is not for everybody. New Home is not for everybody.

Yesterday, he asked me “Where is your home?” And I answered, “My home is here, in New York.”

When I came back home, I realized that Here is my Home. It is so wonderful to have Home… back up place where you can go back and feel home… when you can come back to Your place to talk to your friends, and have your favorite sandwich… walk down the street and say Hi to coffee shop’s owner… But some people do not have this opportunity to have Home where they would like to have it… neither I have this opportunity to come back to my childhood neighborhood where I had my first kiss and my first bruise. I do not have this opportunity to come back to my place, Home.

Couple of weeks ago, one friend of my said, “I hate people when they cannot express their feelings in English. Why do people come here without knowing language?!” And at that moment, I thought that not a good life forced us, immigrants, to move to another countries and leave our Homes. Language is not a problem in a new country. Stereotypes are the problem of adaptation.

Just think in a minute that you Have, You MUST leave your house, your place, your friends, relatives and move to the place where is no friends, unfamiliar places and food, unfamiliar jokes and people’s background, and then imagine yourself, if you could survive in there… I am not talking about moving from one place to another, changing apartments or have a vacation at grandma’s house, I am talking about tough and harsh reality, immigration. Immigration with no financial support, lack of language, unfamiliarity of country and people’s traditions and customs. And then, imagine me, your friend, who does not have a choice to come back and MUST build foundations here, at new Home. There is no choice. There is no options available… you have to choose one: to die (emotionally give up) or survive (fight for your spot).

America was built on immigrants… Some people forgot about it. Do not forget that your grandparents or parents were in these shoes. Some family stories began 20, 50, 100 years ago but some stories begin now.

Immigration is not for everybody. New Home is not for everybody. Life is not for everybody.

ps. Nabolelo.