Where is your Home?

He asked me, “so where is your home?” I smiled and said “It is New York.”
I couldn’t think before that I can call this city “home” and My realization will come to me in the bus from Wachington, DC to New York.
Of course it will be other home where I was born and had my first grade memories, where I had my first love and my first kiss, where I tried my first watermelon and almost drawn in the pool, where I climbed on the trees and played monopoly, where I traveled from Tashkent to Bekabad but today… sitting in the bus, I realized that I’m coming home. I’m coming HOME, the place where I learn how to live again, how to smile again, how to study new words, and grow up from a “baby” age mentally to a young woman.
For the past year,I stopped scared of my thoughts and dreams. It is the city where I grew up mentally and emotionally. It is the city where I found me as a person (finally). It is the city where I can dream and reach everything what I want. At the psychological convention that I attended this weekend, a lot of psychologist mentioned that “It is very competitive to be in NY and moreover to work there as a specialist” and then I understood that I’m the lucky one. I survived here, and like in the song “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.”

Every January, I read my personal horoscope for the year, and this year “promised” me to be successful and mentioned that “you will grow up this year” but I didn’t expect that it will be thaaaat powerful. I met a lot of people that pushed me, inspired me and motivated me to grow up. And I’m so thankful and grateful that I met them this year when I really needed them. And I’m so happy and excited because this year don’t finish yet.