#HerConference <3

I attend one of my favorite events in the city last week. I attend #HerConference and got a lot of positive thoughts after it. It was the second year straight for me and I got everything what I expected after the conference; I got new thoughts and idea what to do with my life as a professional, new thinker and a young woman. This year the conference was in Columbia University, my place which makes me smile 🙂


Morning keynote was on 9:30am, Sunday morning (Yeah….Sunday MORNING :). Susan Kaufman, editor -in-chief, People in StyleWatch, gave us rules how to act and live your life during your career. For me, as a young woman, as a new immigrant, was very important to hear her story. Sometimes, inspiration came from person’s story  and her “shoes” than tips how to live. Three advices that I took for myself are “Smile outside, cry outside”, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and “Embrace changes or you will never survive.” Starting your journey (career, life, studying) with positive attitude is half of success. And attendance is “80 % of success” as well. Appreciation to everyone and everybody and everything is the key to survive and become a successful person.

Also, I met two wonderful young leaders Tammy Tibbetts, founder and president of She’s the First (www.shesthefirst.com) and Colleen Wormsley, marketing associate of DoSomething (www.dosomething.org). Two organizations that I was obsessed about in one room… can you imagine it? I was so fascinated about Tammy’s not-profit-organization. She’s the first is organization that funds scholarships for young girls in developing countries to graduate from high school. Isn’t it a perfect idea to change a world’s view and female education? Also, she answered to my questions how her organization was founded and funded. Also, she is a beautiful young woman with ambitions but she has plan how to develop her ambitions in to business and social entrepreneurship. (Very inspirational!!!). Coleen is a marketing associate and answered to my questions as well. She gradated cum laude, had an internship and now she is a marketing associate… Very young, very bright and very inspirational as well. She also gave us tips how to get internships and how to become a perfect intern.

My last session was with Sarah-Jane-Bedwell, registered dietitian and media spokesperson. If I am going to tell you that she was very young bright woman, I will not surprise you. She got a power point presentation and demonstrate what carbohydrates and proteins are, how to eat and fuel our lives on campus/dorm. How to stay energetic by eating a “right” food. I learned a lot about fat (sat. and unsat.), received a 5-day meal plan and discuss my willingness to moderate, balance and vary meals during the day. Also, I got too many LUNA bars after the session which contains carbohydrates and “right” sugars 🙂 I can tell that I am ready for my fall semester.

After all of these session, and their stories, and young woman in their 25s, I got a lot of energy and motivation to move on. And it does not matter how old are you, where did you come from and what is your major… Passion, motivation and goal move you toward your dream… and events like HerConference, personally gives me, a lot of ideas and impulse to my heart and brain to follow my dream. I personally, decided that because these young girls make an impact on me, I will tell my (long) story one day too, soon 🙂  to inspire others.

Thank you so much (!!!) Windsor, Stephanie, Annie and #hercampus team for the bright, inspirational, full of positive impulses weekend. Cannot wait to share my success next year on #My-Her-OurConference 🙂