The Notebook. (Letters)

I still love to write letters. Handwriting. Thoughts. Music. Herbal tea.
I still love to write you using a pen and notebook. Simple words on the simple paper… Simple emotions inside of the simple me.
I still love your eyes. Your voice make me calm and make me smile. I know you will never read my blog, and I will never see you again but you made my life full of sunshine. I loved you… from the first day till now. Because of our differences and imperfections, we became so perfect, so ideal but it is life. Nothing special but life that make two people live apart. We respected each other. We valued every single minute. We valued our feelings, moreover we kept them in our hearts. You were my Spring… and sense of my previous days. I met you accidentally, remember? It changed my life and my view of how I can feel and how I can love a man. I can describe it.. but I do not want to share, I want to keep these emotions to myself. They are so priceless. They are so naive. They are so natural and real. I still love to write letters. Simple words. Simple emotions that force my heart beats. Simple emotions that makes me feel good. Simple emotions that makes me to love you more no matter of how many days passed, distance and lack of attention. I just want to whisper on the air, and maybe you can catch it somewhere that… “I love you.”