A Simple Growth Plan.

The younger we are, the more we procrastinate. Every single time, when I start to study for my classes, I have my outside things such as Facebook, twitter, phone calls or unexpected messages… and yes, I hate it. Because I cannot say ‘no’ or “I’m busy” or do not pick the phone at all, I always procrastinate. Recently, I started enjoy my own company by reading, spending time with my own self, and stepping outside to look up of who am I in reality. And it really helped me… How? I changed my priorities. Here is my plan how to classify your priorities and make a good, perfect or unbelievable plan for you to grow up. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally.

Plan pre-A.

Ask yourself:

1. Where do I want to be in 2 years? 5 years?

2 What do I want to reach? (Bachelors, masters, Phd maybe 😉 or well-paid job (who knows)

3. Your life is your partner. Do you want to commit time? Invest your money, desire, will in to it?

4. Do you want to grow up mentally? It looks silly when you see a 40-years old man with a 15-years old habits, right? Do you really want to grow up mentally?

There are four simple questions, right?

If you ready, let’s see my plan A!!! I am sure it will be easy for you to start but difficult to maintain.

Plan A:

1. Start your day early.

Cons: Too early. Need more caffeine. I am not an early bird (it is procrastination!!)

Pros: An opportunity to drink more water. Hydrate your body and feel fresh. You can do a lot in the morning like washing dishes, clean up your room, make a healthy breakfast. Invest in to physical activities early in the morning to wake up. And do not touch your alarm (!!!). If it ringed once, wake up.

2. Eat healthy.

Cons: Pricey sometimes. Do not have enough time to eat/cook.

Pros: If you try to cook once, you will understand that it is cheaper than you think. And you eat less than a normal portion. You have to understand that after 25 years old, it is YOUR responsibility to take care of your body. And it is YOUR responsibility to find 15-30 minutes to cook and the same amount of time to enjoy your meal. No one will keep you at your job, if you will have a gastro* problems in 10 years.

3. Skip workaholism.

Cons: More hours = more money.

Pros: Have a strict plan when are you going to come and leave your job. And yes, You have to be on time always.

4. Respect your time.

Cons: Now, you cannot find a reason to be late or skip your appointment/meeting.

Pros: When you start to respect your time, people will start to respect you as as individual. Be responsible for your time and respect others as well. If someone is late, let them know about your rules of respect. (but you have to follow them as well)

5. Invest your time in to your personal growth. IMG_2520

Cons: Do not have a lot of time to read, attend some meetings or volunteer, etc, etc, etc, etc…

Pros: Read good books not “50 shades”. Read Classics. Read historical literature. Donate/volunteer/participate. Start from your own community and go further. Donate your blood, donate your clothes, donate money. Respect others. Tolerate other culture, mentality, language and do not judge. Never judge other people. Helping others, you help yourself to grow up mentally and emotionally. Invest in to your growth to develop your better sides of you.


6. If you do not like something, skip it. Delete it. Remove it.

Cons: Some of you can tell me that it is impossible to skip your job, partner, family members?

Pros: Job? Skip it. It is your life and your choice. If you want to live this way, you have your own right to think that way. Some people are scared to start all over again. Partner? It could be tough to skip your partner, but let come back to the rule #4. Respect your time and other person’s as well. If you feel that you are wasting your time, please share with your partner… Respect yours and his/her feelings. Family members? It is impossible. Just live with it. No one will be closer than your family 🙂

7. Have your own schedule.

Cons: It is physically difficult  to maintain it.

Pros: All of us were at elementary school. everything was on the schedule. So, try to make it again. Plan your time. Plan your activities. Plan your next steps. Plan your life. Try once, you will love it.


I know it is impossible to plan everything but at least you will have a clear picture where to go and what to expect. The more you plan, the less things will be unexpected for you. And stop finding the meaning of your life… grow up, enjoy your every day and be thankful of what you have today.

“Sometimes You need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be.”