She whispered, “Everything will change soon”.

She was lying down and said, “Do you have something to hide from me?” He was trying to cuddle her but she refused to kiss him. She got up and took a cigarette.

– I like you. Did you come back?

– I am not sure.

– I am not single.

– I don’t care.

He turned her and kiss her on her cheek. She hugged him without any feelings. She did not touch a man for a long time; she wanted him but there were no reasons to kiss him. She was thinking, “We will separate soon. He is from F*. I will leave soon.”

Yurman called. She left him naked in the bed and left. She said, “Baby, see you tomorrow in the meeting.” She passed two floors, and opened the door.

– Yurman, I have a gift from my afgani friend. Wanna try?

– Hm… I don’t think so. We have meeting planned in 40 minutes.

– Come on. You can cover up my ass… and by the way, Sap is there. He knows our plans. And I am the one woman. If I will be too emotional, nobody will pay attention. Girls, you know… (I started to laugh).

Nodi came. He said, I have a second gift for you.

– Perfect. I said.

Nodi started to separate tobacco and afgani “gift”. We started to smoke and relaxation run in the mind. No worries, no work, no plans existed anymore… just relaxation.

– Give me a drink. Do you have beer?

– You gonna have smell after that.

– Don’t worry. I have coffee beans… we will crunch them. Trust me.

Sapi called.

– Meeting started. We are waiting for you.

Yurman took my hand and we walked straight to talk about our first day in the educational camp. Today was our day. We organized it and had a lot of stress.

Yurman hold my notepad and whispered to me.

– Just tssss… Don’t talk, please. You smoked too much and you are drunk.

– Don’t worry. Mr.Bari is used to have me in his group. He did not pay attention to me because I am a woman in this group. It was always a segregation.

Mr. Bari looked at me and said, “So, do you have something to tell us? How was your first day?”

– Mr.Bari, everything was good. Stressfu… l but ok.

At the same time, I was thinking. Everything was a bullshit. And today was the horrible training on my own experience. Where did you find these groups? Hm… except of this guy, what was his name? Tim… oh yeah… I was thinking about my stuff and I realized that I was stuck…

– Oh yeah… I hope we will be one team and can support each other. I said that with confidence and hope.

I hold Yurman’s elbow and showed him that I want to leave. We were waiting when the meeting finished… Everybody left. We stayed in the middle of the garden.

– Let’s go.

– I want to sit for a little while. You go, I will stay. Yurman, by the way… Thanks.

– We have to wake up in 5 hours. Call me if you need anything.

Yurman left in the darkness. His shadow disappeared.

Two more years and that’s it. This life will disappear like Yurman’s shadow. And this meetings were a child’s plays. And Sapi will disappear from my life and all of my friends will leave soon…or I will leave them soon. She got up and went to the building. Nodi did not sleep.

– Let’s smoke, Nodi.

– Do you want something? I have whiskey. Rene brought some and we have a normal food in here. We have kebab and some bread.

– Give me both… but let’s smoke first.

He rolled some mini cig when we were in the meeting. He handed three cigs to me and said, “Come on, girl, you need it.” I took them and put them in my purse. He turn on the lights… we smoked and smiled. He hold me and said, “Don’t worry… everything will change soon. And we are going to remember these days in different countries with different people. And you, girl, will be the first one.” It was an amazing moment where the atmosphere of this conversation was soaked with our souls. My feet were on the partition and I was looking at the moon. It was full… It fascinated me… I was in the middle of the universe… I was in harmony with myself. I was complete.

It was the last day.

She opened her eyes and said, “Babe, thank you. I don’t think that I am going to see you again but anyway… you are a good person.”

– Do not say that. I am going to find you.

– Don’t. It is unnecessary. I am leaving tomorrow.

– I don’t care. I am going to find you.

She put her dress on and whispered, “Everything will change soon”. She smiled and left.