Everything is relative. (or Life is more beautiful when someone’s cheek needs our buried nose. )

Everything is relative.

I, like the most Russian women, hate feminism. I do not understand gender equality and the idea that woman has to be independent and vice versa. I believe that man should be a man, hunter, financial support, father, cunning and honest person. And the woman should stay a woman, gentle and emotional backup, who creates cosiness and may comfort her man.

Unfortunately, edges are blurred and I, personally do not know where is man’s role and where is woman’s now. Women became so aggressive and push men to become emotionally weak and namby-pamby. And men used to like to be a followers and do nothing to conquer a woman. They stopped to respect a woman as a woman because it is so easy to have sex, to have an open relationships, to change woman every other month (even weeks). Why is that happened?


I, personally, want to look my man in the crowd and wait for him and sometimes show my tears because of my gender… because I am a woman… and do not want to pretend that I am strong and can hold this world on my both shoulders. Nothing may surprised me, but the real things that come from the heart. In 15, I was trying to find a perfect guy, in my 18, I was trying to find a perfect lover and in my 25, I want to find serenity… where friendship and love will be in a pair.

Women of the big cites became more “men”. They weaned to trust man and showed their weakness… Look, we are women, naturally… we are weak. We want to look strong and show our independency but for what…? If sometimes we cannot confess to ourselves that we want to hug someone and burry our nose on his cheek and fall asleep. Life is more beautiful when someone’s cheek needs our buried nose.