Opposite Side of My Smile.

I remember one story from my life tonight. And decided to share with you. I realized that I hate liars… You may ask, “Who loves them?” I did. Yep, was too stupid and too young or… maybe it pushed me to grow up.

I learned a new word from my GRE preparation and it inspired me to write about this characteristic that we, people completely forgot about.


Today, one more time I realized that I cannot stand liars and similar to them. I can give you a clear example… I hate liars, people who dissemble and people who hide the truth, or part of it. Why people cannot be honest with others? Why we need to hide something? Why we need to look like better people if we lie to each other? What for? Why cheaters lie? Why politics lie? Why women want to be younger… sexier… better than they are in reality? Why we lie that we love red wine if we hate it? For what? Why this man cannot say that woman that he needs sex only? Why this woman cannot claim that she needs money for his sexual pleasure? Why we cannot just say the truth out loud? Why we need to play to each other? I do not get it.

PS. “Хочется засунуть их “правду” в их же “истину”, чтобы задумались однажды. Зло берет вверх на таких людей! (If you want translation, use google. I could not translate this, it sounds too rude in English).