Life Makes Us to be an Immigrants.

Do you know what is the biggest fear? Every day, you are scared for your life… How to live… What to eat… How to survive… That’s why we become an immigrants. That’s why we are thankful for every moment in our lives. That’s why we are thankful to have a family and friends. That’s why we value relationships and ready to help others. That’s why we are thankful to be “admitted.”

I remember the day when I left the country I lived, loved and respect from the bottom of my heart. I remember how I cried and felt asleep on the plain and cried again and again. I understood that I left my friends, my job, part of my family, my memories in the country where I was born. I remember the day when I put my feet on the ground in New York. It was a feeling that life is waiting for my decision to begin a new part of it; but I wasn’t ready to make this decision. I am telling you this because I want you to know how we feel by leaving our motherland and come to a new country, to begin a new journey. As an immigrants, we started a new part of our lives. First of all, we have to learn how to live in a new neighborhood. I am taking about roads, especially one ways :), new subway system, new rules of how to use a metro card or changing subway lines. I am talking about language barriers; for instance, how to find a condenced milk in the store or buy a coffee in Starbucks (there are hundreds of them:) or how to pronounce that or this word. Second, we have to follow the rules. And here, I am talking about college rules and bursar’s office problems. I did not know how to use a blackboard online or how to pay a bill, or where to find a textbook. I am talking about relationships in government offices; if you do not understand, they will try to help you, help you with translation… if not, they may open google translate in front of you. Third, we Must understand a new culture, people and mentality. This is the most of difficult parts. We have to be ourselves but we have to understand and become tolerant to people surrounds us. I am talking about cultural differences such as what to give if you are going to the party/birthday/baby shower or how to act on the first date, what to cook on the Thanksgiving. Everything what we pass during this period, makes us, immigrants, stronger.

Immigrants are not people who left their country because of their caprice. No! Life makes us to be an immigrants. None of us will tell you that they wished to live the country where they were born. It is evolution. Everybody has to move on. Some of us chooses this way to live better… I believe that immigrants are people who can dream; without dreams, altruism, enthusiasm, immigrants cannot live. We cannot survive without that.

My biggest fear is not to be admitted or approved. (It doesn’t matter by whom. It is just this feeling). Every immigrant has this feeling of being rejected, to stay alone, to become unwanted person…

…But I want to mention that immigrants have immune system to keep trying and trying to live, to survive and to be happy.  Dreaming in something new, incredibly amazing and magical makes us stronger. If we are immigrants now, it means we are on the right way. We keep trying to become a citizens of our lives. And it is a good sign.

PS. My saturday’s thoughts. 🙂 Good night everybody.