Be Careful. Knock Out Game.

Please be careful. I received a link about a knock out game (if you do not know what is it, please google it). Knock out game is a “fun game” when teenagers knock out an innocent people on the day and night time on the streets. It was 8 deaths already. 8 (!!!) The reason is “We [Teenagers] were bored” according to one of the gangs. Two accidents were in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; an adult and teenager (12 years old) were knocked out on the streets around 7-8pm. I do want to sounds as a racist, but victims were White, Jewish, Mexican and Asian. It means what… Where is a lack? Education? Social-ecomonimcal status? Parents (early child births or expensive condoms?) Hormones? I really do not get it. What is the point to knock out innocent people? It is ridicilous. One accident was in the 1 train last week; a black teenager knock out a woman right in the train during her talk with her friend. Can you imagine this behavior? Can you just imagine that?

Why we do not grab these (stupid-excuse me, uneducated) teenagers to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan? I am pretty sure that they can fight (if they can knock out innocent people and pregnant woman (google how teenagers attacked women), they Can and Want to Fight! At least, We [our society] will have a profit from them; they will stand for our land. Why we do not make a mandatory military for these kind of teenagers? If they do not want to continue their education, let them protect us then. If they are too brave and too smart, let protect our society then by putting them to protect our land (as I mentioned above).

To make it short, please be careful. Especially when you are alone, look around and try to avoid a group of teenagers.


PS. According what I researched, now it is a “black” teenage game. In early 60’s and 70’s it was a “white” game. Once again. please be careful.