Just Write it Down. Every day.

I am working on my statement of purpose now. I am reading, re-writing, deleting, editing, re-writing again and then all over and over again. I have to put my 25 years-old life in to 2-3 pages?! How is it possible? I wrote my life in Uzbekistan in to 12 pages. I did not mention my life in New York yet. 🙂 


Last night, I finished to write at 4 am. The biggest complication was to structure my “proactive” life and prioritize the most tangible experiences. The result is 4 pages (not double spaced) = 8 pages (double spaced). I was so pissed off last night because I was stuck between my life in there and my life in here, and of course, my grammar. I started to read all the comments my professors mentioned when I was in the college. My favorite professor, my inspiration, Linda said me once, “You have to write every day. It does not matter what it will be but you have to write it down. Every day.” I asked my professors, “How to use at/in/on words? How to put them correctly? How to avoid to use russian style in my writing? How to write in general? How to find a right synonim?” And she claimed, “Do not hesitate to make grammar mistakes. You will learn how to write… soon.”

Last night, I was sitting and thinking that yes, I am not hesitating to write it down. If two years ago, I was thinking and editing my immigrant’s notes, now I am not scared of what people will think about me and yes, my grammar. (Of course, I am worrying but I learned how not to scare of my English writing). For instance, one of my close friends, Crystal, said me once, “I do not understand how do you live here? You change your habits and learn English every day. You moved to another country and you succeed in here. I cannot imagine, if I will move to Russia and start to change my habits, I think I am gonna die.” It was a reward for me, these couple of sentences inspired me to move on; and here it is, I am writing again. I can say that writing relax me, and give me an opportunity to think. As an immigrant, it is very tough to express feelings and emotions in foreign language, but after 14 months of my Blog, I can claim that it is more easier now to write than 3, 6, 12 months ago.

Language barrier is the most difficult thing for “young” and “coming” immigrants, and my advice is to write. It does not matter what kind of “trash” you write, just write it down. Every day. And then You are going to see that your writing style changes every day, with every single sentence you create. 

Good luck. 

PS. Crystal :*