Change is here.

I came here as an immigrant, the young girl in her 20 years-old with Korean background, Russian language-talking and Uzbek mentality, with my own dreams and ambitions. Can I say that America changed me? Hah? Of course yeah… but it broke me first to build something new inside of me.


Couple of weeks ago, one of my kith had a birthday in Germany. And one of my friends wrote something interesting on her facebook page, “I congratulate you with you first German birthday, *! I wish to celebrate it in different parts of Germany. (…)”. (This wish inspired me to write this note about changing). And then, I realized that (Hell!!!) yeah, place of your living change your mind from top to toes. How?

Despite the fact that I (still) have difficulties to understand language and slang, I found myself in here. I found the way where and how I want to be. Sometimes, freedom of speech give us a chance to see too many choices and consequences; from my point of view, it is the most of difficult parts for me. I found the piece of truth in American society (or developed country): Only you can make your own decisions. No one can guide you, no one can help you with your decisions, only YOU! Isn’t it wonderful to have your own voice? Sometimes no. I was reared in the country and family where your decisions were joint decisions. In our childhood, we had no choice what to eat in the kindergarden, what lessons to choose in the high school, what kind of job we would like to have because of crisis and instability in economy. It was a dictation of how to live, where to live, what to do… I can claim that we live based on schemes. As the result, it was very tough for me to change my mind, to change my habits and attitude. To better explain, I change my views of being a young-girl with ambitions and dreams to a young woman with goals and strength insight to move on.

Place of your living change your views every day. It is your choice to accept it or deny it. Moving from a cozy place called home to another country with a different mentality (yes, I love this word) is a brave step to grow up. One of my close friend in Korea said me once, “You live in New York. You live in the city where most of us wish to live and you complain about wasting your time? Relax and enjoy this time. All you need is You.” And she was right.

I start my note with a birthday wish, right? My dear friend, it is your first step as a student in another country. It is (ONLY) two, three, four years or less in there but I want to wish you to be open for new discoveries. I want you to leave your prejudices  (I know it is your favorite book “Pride and Prejudice”) and start to live. I know you will probably come back to our motherland soon but I wish you to enjoy your time in another place of the world. You may argue with me about “living”… but trust me, I started to live in New York after 3 years of my life in here. I lost 3 beautiful years to realize that time is the most valuable thing in the world.

Good luck to you. 🙂


PS. Excuse me, if you going to find my grammar mistakes 🙂