Respect. (I am sorry)


Seven letters…

This is too Simple word to say and too complicated to give it. Respect… I met a man with whom I could breathe and trust. I met a man with whom I could talk and fall asleep. I met a man with whom I would like to spend the rest of my days and smile to… and with him. I met a man with such mysterious eyes, and I want to fall on them every time when I saw him. I met a man with whom I would like to cook and drink my favorite moscato white wine. I met a man… completely different from me. I met a man with whom I would like to talk and watch movies in the nights. I met a man who made me serious and made me smile at the same time. I met a man… I chose him. He chose his life instead.

When I read all of this that I wrote above, I stopped to write. I have my goosebumps… yes… I still have them. I want to believe that they are from my white wine and… it is windy outside… and Sunday evening, but not from my thoughts. No… no… no…

I am disappointed… very disappointed in my self… again. I trusted and respected the wrong person. I was wrong again. I did a mistake again. My mistake was not trusting this person… my mistake was me. I opened my soul, my thoughts and my heart. One of my friends said me once, “Don’t trust people. They always hurt you and you always try to trust them again and again. Stop it already. They are not worth it.” I do not believe that people can lie to each other… for what? why? what’s the benefit from it? why people act like that? why? I couldn’t find an answer. It makes me upset. Who is wrong this person or me?

Respect is a precious gift that you can have. Respect is more powerful than words and disappearing from someone’s life. If you respect, you just cannot hurt or leave without explanation. You have to have it to believe, to trust, to love, to smile… to live.

PS. My Significant One, I put too much on you. I am sorry.  (