Will You?

We are different. I realized that women and men are different. I realized that We are different with him. We have completely different views of our own lives and OUR life together. We cannot communicate in a way that I want. Sometimes, I want to say a lot but because of my lack of English I cannot express my feelings. And I feel that he is gentle with his words as well; we have completely different views and perception of language. We use it in two different ways.

Our food is different. Our styles of life are different. Our races are different. We live in two different worlds; one of us is living in reality and another one is trying to find this reality. One of us is jealous, and another one keeps his feelings about it inside. We have different mentality; we perceive this life differently. I am oriented to have a family and be a mother, and he is oriented to be my back and be my number One man.

Most of the times, we are trying to change our partner and do not want to think about relationships as a whole piece. It is a tough 24/7 every-day job. We are trying to say what to eat, what to wear, what to do… but we do not think about other person’s feelings. We are trying to change a person rather to change our own view on relationships. I am not saying about changing habits or preferences. I am telling about the significant one that changed your life and make you smile. I am talking about moments that you have with this person. I am telling about butterflies… We cannot change a person, so… why we do not put this efforts and passion to build a fundament in our relationships then?

– We are different.

– No, we are not.

– Why? Give me a reason.

-… because I love you.


Did you ever ask why baby borns smell the same way? Did you ever ask yourself why people describe love on the same way? Did you ever ask why every single person value respect or commitment and why people hate betrayal? I found an answer. We are different, and this is a fact but some things in the world are international, universal, and similar such as feelings and including love 🙂 The way we act when we are in love is similar. The way we cry of loss is similar. The way when we are happy is similar. It means that outside of our bodies we are different, but inside we are similar. We feel the same way… and it does not matter where and when we were born. Despite the fact, that We are different, We will try. Will you?