Your Time=Your Life. (short)

When I came here as an immigrant, I had no choice where to live and where to work. Most of you may say that, “Everybody has a choice”. No, you are not. Sometimes, it depends based on your behavior, your life situations, responsibilities and own wishes. No matter how long a fish may beat its head on the edge of the aquarium, a fish will never be free. It is our imagination of being free. We switch from one style of life to another; we switch men and women to others to find ourselves. We switch cities and countries to find where is the better place. We try to find a better school to earn money in the future but we forgot to enjoy every minute of our lives; despite the fact that we plan and imagine our next step, no one knows what will happen tomorrow. We cannot predict. We cannot find a right decision because in life there are no wrong and right decisions. Even though we know our next steps, life is unpredictable… always.

I came here… I met a lot of interesting people… I got my degree… I plan my life here and enjoy every single day in this city, in this country. When you lost something, you try to keep and value what you have in your hands now. For instance, I lost my connections with my friends (because of the distance, families, wives and husbands, etc) and only here, I started to value the real relationships between people. Another example, I lost my close cousin because of cancer, nobody knows how many words I didn’t tell him. Yes, I didn’t value time. It is a treasure. Think about it. Think about moments that you lost. Think about time.

Choices are always about us. We have to choose what is good and what is better for us. If we have choices between two bad things, leave them and move on. If you have a choice between two good things, do not think too much… just pick what is close to you. Because when you have two good choices, you will blame yourself anyway. It is a human nature. Make your own choice. And remember, there is no wrong choice in life. You are a creator of your life… You said the words you want… You pick what you choose. You live Your Life.