Are Uzbek Girls Too Complicated?

Today one of my good friends asked me, “Why are you (still) single? What?! Is that too complicated to find a man?” We were laughed but he actually made me so confused for the rest of my day. I think, we are very different.

We, Uzbek girls were reared in different circumstances; it is somewhere between ancient Asian traditions and Soviet Union forms of education. Let me to be clear, woman is the neck of the man’s head [and PERIOD 🙂 ] What is that mean? My grandmother said, “When the man comes home, you have to be a woman… not a tired, horrible looking woman wearing dirty dress with a nest on her head.” [She is in her 80s now; she is wearing make up and she looks beautiful]. The another thing that my friends taught me when I was reared in Uzbekistan that woman HAVE to be perfect no matter what she is doing, where she is doing, how she is doing. Of course, man do not want to see his woman perfectly gorgeous outside, and terribly tired and emotionally tortured at home. Home is the place where both have to charge their bodies and minds with positive energy. If it is vice versa, you have to change something in your life then. Nobody wants to see it. [Actually, women are the same; they do not want to take care of a Big Child at home].

The second thing is to be a woman in every single part of the life. I can tell about the girls that surround me, my girlfriends, my relatives that taught me to “keep your mouth close”. My aunts told me, “You will never fix the broken cup”. If you said something once, you will never take it back. Because we [women] are too emotional, we can say a lot; sometimes, it is too much for the man’s -brain-. So, that’s why I prefer to take a break of couple of hours, calm down and then talk.

The third thing, Asian woman cannot [actually it will be better to say MUSTN’T] be jealous. Jealousy kills all types of relationships such s romantic, platonic, family and commitments. Why? Because finding imperfection in your man, you start to forget to take care of yourself; and we are coming back to the first point.

The fourth thing, Asians become wiser earlier than Europeans [it is my own opinion, you may argue it]. We, Asians have this predisposition(earlier than Europeans) to have kids, to take care of the family, parents, respect partner’s sides such as mothers/fathers-in-law. Why? Because as a woman you have to respect everything what relates to your man. And yes… it includes annoying friends-men, cousins, ex-girlfriends, relatives from around the world, etc. Why? Because it is his life, and we have to respect it no matter what.

perfectly2The another thing is Respect (with a capital “R”). If we sacrifice our love, it doesn’t mean that we do not care… We care, but we [for instance it is me], I may leave a person if I will be sure that everything will be fine with him and this person will be happy. We are not fighters. We believe in God. We believe in Piece, Respect and Love. Sacrificing (most of the times) show to a woman her level of maturity, reality and respect to the other’s choice.

The last thing, we are not feminists. We are very feminine and still believe in man’s power. And the last thing, for the woman who were reared in Central Asia, her man will be the One. Do you know why? Because woman MUST be a Muse to a Man. Man with a right woman will always grow up mentally and emotionally.

– I finish. Thanks.

PS. He actually said, “You are too complicated but at the same time too simple.” Where is the truth then?

PS. Excuse me my grammar 🙂