[An Ideal Man] Myth? Reality? Fantasy?

In our world, young and not-young women want to find an ideal or real man, but they don’t know where to find them. Who are they? Are they myth or reality? I just finished to chat with my friend (male) and he said to me, “It’s impossible to find an ideal man; it’s a fantasy.”

Sometimes, an ideal man cannot realize that he’s an ideal. He may eat, work and sleep as usual, but don’t understand what kind of his actions people called supernatural. A real man is who can do simple things with passion and stay honest to himself. Despite the fact that he can be strict and persistent, he will always stay open-hearted and sincere; and if an ideal man said something, he will definitely do it; he will keep his promises (ALWAYS).

From my vision, an ideal man could sit next to you in the office, in the train or walking with a dog. Not only he could help with your paper work when you have a headache, but make a truly compliment on your birthday as well. Making a masterpiece and working with passion on the new project, an ideal man always stays with his priorities and principles; it shows that a man can have his own responsibilities to his co-workers and himself as well. Working hard and being honest to his own personality is the one of the difficult and the best habit that an ideal man can have in our modern world. Because putting a part of his passion in the simple things such as every-day routine and staying a real man without cheating to himself in this crazy balanced gender-roles world, is more complicated than 50 years ago.

You could ask me, “Why women want to have an independence?” and I will answer, “I don’t know”.

Women set a special place in the history and economy; I can enumerate the most of them, but I am sure that the one day they realize that they need to have a secure man’s back. Because making stability and security is the man’s prerogative, woman has to have an ability to save internal depth of the family; for instance, he can be strict and persistent at his job, but at home an ideal man always stays calm and loving person. Sometimes he could be like a small kid who plays with his own children and teach them what a childhood is; next day, checking kids’ homework, he can be a strict teacher, and in the night he can be  open-hearted friend who may read stories to his kids and after that he can be a gentle husband.

Although having men’s lies, women didn’t stop to believe them. From my point of view, I believe that an ideal man has to perform his promises no matter what.


Inviting you to have a cup of coffee means that you will definitely have a cup of coffee and nothing more, because the right man cannot make it differently. His reputation is more important than a one-minute fun.

Having responsibilities to himself, an ideal man will have an ability to build a strong family, and make a perfect career. Saying a right words and making promises come true are the best way to have a success, and an ideal man knows it. Moreover, he always uses it in the real life. The real man will promise and make it … again and always.

While we wanted to find the right eyes looking at each guy on our way, maybe it will be better to stop and look around. Maybe an ideal man hidden from us in the supermarket where helps adults to take a box of cereal, or in your office making a hot chocolate to you when you have a lot of work; or maybe he’s in his way home.

I don’t know exactly who is an ideal man, but I can conclude that he lives in my life. Maybe I didn’t meet him yet or maybe he is next to me right now. I know him as a good friend, strict person, teacher who leads me, and a person with a deep soul. I found him as an ideal man with his highs and lows (because nobody is perfect), but he didn’t realize it. His actions are simple and primitive; his words are not literary sometimes, but they touch my soul and I think this is the main part of idealism. He didn’t realize that he’s an ideal, moreover that he is real for me; he gives me stability and sense of happiness to my everyday life to feel that I’m a real woman for the right man. What can I say you if you didn’t find your right man yet? Look around and make you checklist shorter or throw out, make sure that you feel that – Respect, Love, Embrace and Hope. Don’t lose your time to create an ideal man. My advice is accepting his highs and lows, and you will see that he’s an ideal man already.

PS. Excuse my imperfection in English 🙂