Take Your Piece of Life.

I live here for almost five years, and yes… I miss my home… maybe I miss an image and feelings of my home… I miss my friends… oh maybe it is just a memories… I miss my girlfriends… oh maybe I miss their smiles and jokes… I miss my work and my students… I miss my Life… I miss my music and food that I cannot find it here… I miss my personality that it was before… I miss my Life.

People who decided to move form there to here, always ask me, “what to bring…take…buy…?” I always answer, “bring the stuff that you cannot forget; it might be letters, books, pictures, bring your memories with you because only memories makes your life brighter.” I brought mine. I remember that I cried when I unpacked my books… putting pictures on the table… re-re-re-reading my letters… my poems… Now it is more realistic and I have to move on… I know that. Today I heard a song, “where is the love?” Today I opened my poems book and I realized that feelings were more pure and naive; every single word absorbed my feelings, my faith, my pain, my physical tears and endless love. I open itunes to listen my “old” music and yeah… I can feel it. I can feel my Life. I can sing… I can smile… it is a beautiful feeling. If this step is my next step, I am ready to make it. I am ready to start it over and over again… just not to lose the feeling of Life.