Couple of months ago, I just found out that everything might change: your style of life, your views, your friends,


your feelings. It could be more than you can expect. I start to feel something… I think… it is… (hmmm)… this type of feeling when you cannot express it, see it, touch it but the one thing that you can do with it is taste it every single second with every cell of your body.

I met a person who inspire me (I think it is more than enough to describe my feelings) to write. Sometimes it looks like that I build my own barriers to protect myself; however, it is just an illusion. I found a person with whom I can sit in an empty room full of silence and I could hear thoughts on this person’s mind. Some people said, “nobody can see this person, nobody known about it” but who cares what people said. The most important part of This story is what I know and what I feel next to this person. When I was a kid, I remember when I caught a butterfly, I did not want to lose it. People said, “When butterfly tickles you, it is like a miracle… if you open your hands, it will disappear but if you keep your hands close, it will die on your hands”. I always opened my hands to make miracles stay alive and (always) come back to me.

Americans called it “butterflies”, Russians called them “Cockroaches”, I call it “Miracles”. It is terribly surprising how one person can ruin your views and another can raise them till the skies. Maybe the reason is in your own head or maybe in other hands… Who knows?

PS. It is too simple to understand but it is too difficult to explain.