Home. NY.

Now… My heart belongs to you. I remember this moments when my plane landed. I remember this horrible smell of taxis, Chinese food, Indian pharmacies, but no hospitality. I remember New Yorkers, not Americans. And now, after four years, I am living in this city, in the center of the world. Ouch, yes… Some of you may argue that “come on girl, NY is not a center of the world”. Huh? Yes, it is. For me, it is the center. If you do not speak in real, grammatically right English, you live in New York. If you can understand, “coffee, half with 2”, you live in New York. If you want to relax in a quite place and you cannot find the right place for it, you live in New York. If you breakfast starting with cup of coffee and bagel, you live in here. If nobody cares what you wear and how you talk, you live in New York, and yes… people may be rude, but only here you can find true smile and open-minded heart. You know why? Dreams become true only in NY.

I am a piece of sand in this city. Every single person would like to share his/her life in here. ANd thanks God, I live in this city. It may drive you crazy and give you hope, and at the same time hit your heart, and eat your soul inside but… maybe we are masochist, if we love to live in here or… we are Dreamers.

Couple of days ago, I found my inspiration on the boat with people I will never see again. At the first time in my life, I said, “I want to stop this moment. I just want to enjoy it every single second.” Do you know what was the best moment? That moment. I realized that every single day is a gift for us. You have to live it with joy and smile. Maybe tomorrow will never happen!? Who knows?! NY gives you a chance to meet different kind of people, but some of the will stay forever, and it is a gift. We have to value it…and every single moment with this people.

Thank You. Thank you, New York. (I am smiling 🙂