Where is a real man?

Why men became so egoistic today? They think that living in a big city give them a chance to act like kings or what? They expect a lot from us, women. They act like a stupid cows… watching, observing and whistling do not make you a man. It makes you an asshole (and period). Disappearing and coming back after two, three, six months screwed up my every day life. Why you do that? I do not understand. In my country is not a second chances. If you screw up once, go and leave; and do not confront like a woman. You are a man (!!!)

In this country, I met men. One of them texting, “I am so lazy to get up. Do you have plans?” and the another texting, “I am planning to fuck somebody tonight, wanna join”. What the hell is going on with this people? Losing man’s respect or losing mind… I do not know. It really makes me sick. Now, I understand why daters prefer to have coffee first… Now I am catching it 🙂 If you are a man, act like a man. Why I am thinking that it is not that hard to be a man. You just need to be more responsible and brave; if you want to be with a woman, just make a woman smile. If you want to be with a lady, be a gentleman. Sometimes, I am thinking to move to another state or country to find a man, but not in America (I almost give up). Why? I do not want to deal with babies who cannot swipe their *&* without woman’s help. I do not want to be with a similarity of a man, who cries by watching dying dogs, dramas in the movie and act like a child. Where can I find a mature man? Who can make me smile by sending flowers, make a quick and right decisions without letting me think about something? It is not that hard to make a woman be a woman… but not all men take this responsibility to be a man. Here is the rule, “Take care of your woman, respect her and give her whatever she wants (it means love and respect), and she will take care of the rest”.

It is not that hard to be a man. I think in more democratic countries where “quality rights” are more developed, men forgot who men are in our life; they like to share 50-50 rights. I do not believe in it. I prefer to be and stay a woman from top to toes.

PS. A man is not that handsome guy who can pick you up at seven and find hundred of reasons to explain why he disappeared two months ago. A man is who knows what time you getting up every morning to wish you a good day, who knows how to make you smile by sending “blah blah blah” message and yeah… who knows that woman’s pride is more than everything and call her first to check up on her. And sigh at the end of my thought.