Think twice before say something.

Sometimes people are so “smart” to say, “Girl, you are wrong… You are that… you are this.”  Some of them want to teach you, others want to point out to your mistakes in life and create more problems. In our every day life (I don’t know about you but for me), it is too difficult to have a neutrality between calmness and willingness to have a gun and shoot (f%uck them all).

Couple of days ago, one young man started to point of his importance in my life thru text messages.  I said nothing, but thought “What are you talking about? Who are you to tell me “If we will have a relationship, You can’t or mustn’t…” After can’t and mustn’t, my brain stopped listening. Why people think that someone owe something to others? Who said that? You know what… (Censor). American men pamper themselves with young girls who can sell their body for what? couple of drinks? YSL shoes or bag? or what? Tell me… for me it sounds so stupid and cheap.

Couple of months ago, I knew that my past destroyed my presence. I got a surgical procedure and yeah I became a bitch; something was clicking in my head when my doc said, “Anastacia… we have to   a surgical procedure asap and cut… remove…” Yeah, after the word cut, my brain stop thinking and realizing what the doc said after. I thought, “God, I prayed for my ex boyfriend to give him health and happiness this entire year. Maybe I prayed for the wrong person…”

More than couple of years ago, I came here to have and reach my Uzbek-American dream. Because I accustomed to respect others opinions and personalities, I realized people are so rude or maybe I am so sensitive. I remember that time in Tashkent, when I was a “shark” and “walking on others head to reach my goal”… for me it was a century ago. So what? I guess… I have to open my oldie case to remember everything.

To make this story short, I’m Vindictive. If you did or said something wrong to make me upset, your faith will overtake you… and I will help it. You can say, “Come on…calm down” No. 🙂 I will not. You have to pay for your words. There is no expiration day.