Think outside of the Box, when your Box is Full.

Almost a year ago, I met a young man in his late twenties. And he was funny, nice, polite but… not educated. After couple of weeks, I asked him about his education and “college” background; he was so enthusiastic and answered me, “College is not for everybody. I can do more than wasting my time at school. I will be a millionaire soon.” and my reaction was, “Huh…???” and he finished “I have to think outside of the box.” My question is, “How can you think outside of the box, if you cannot look in it?” He was pissed off.


Couple of days ago, one of my “friend” said, “You can have two, three degrees but it cannot make you educated enough…”. For your information, I am not thinking that degrees can make you smarter but it makes you more overlooked.

Some people think that they look smart while talking about economy in third countries. They think they are well educated enough to talk about politics and stability in other countries, for example Egypt, Russia or African countries. My question is, “How can you blah blah blah, if you know nothing about countries…geography… politics and any backgrounds with no education at all? How can you talk about United Nations, if you do not know what UNFPA or WHO is? How can you talk about China, if you know nothing about their economy and how they live… better word will be survive.” Americans really like to talk about “others’ shoes” or “you have to experience what he/she was feeling” but when I started to talk with people who read interviews from “yellow rumors” magazines or read medical reports online with no research attached, they are driving me crazy. Back to my story with a young man, I realized maybe “College is too high level for your mind.” People look stupid when they start to talk about something they do not know or never experience.

I strongly believe that logos means study, and education is to educate people. And yes, I believe that studying in any college or university gives you this concentration of useful information that you need. It helps you to think outside of the box when your box is full. It helps you to predict all kind of consequences. It helps you to be prepared because theory without practice is wasting time. Otherwise, you can decide to believe blah blah blah news, or read an actual proof. Some people can pay for the magazines, and some can pay $40 dollars to have an access to read a research study. In my conclusion, I can say only “Jedem das Siene.”


PS. For your information, none of them knew that WWII started in 1939 (actual date) and who was Napoleon (French, Italian or Greek). Isn’t it funny?