I love NY because


Everybody has to have their own life…their own way…their own opinion and power. When I moved from one U* to another U*, I became more optimistic because of new horizons and opportunities.. but at the same time, I started to understand our reality. Despite the fact that “friends” started to disappear and new friends started to switch old ones, my life moved to a new stage, my opinions started to change; my views became more clear and realistic. It is sad but it is a reality of our life. In the most of cases, it doesn’t matter where were you came from… another state or “other” America, Europe or Asia, everything has to be changed.

Everything has to be changed but you have to stay the same. Your “reality” has to be stable, your opinions about life has to be the same… It doesn’t matter what will change around you, you have to be the same inside of yourself. One of my girlfriends from Korea said once, “You do not need anybody to understand and find yourself, ONLY You. You live in New York, the most expensive and incredible cities in the world. You are wasting your time by thinking about your life… create your plan and start to move.” I continued to repeat this phrase every single day when I feel depressed. Why? Because it gives me something more than support or “wise words”; it gives me hope to move and move forward, faster and take a risk. You have to do the same. You have to move and motivate yourself for the right and good things.

PS. I love New York… not just because of lights surrounds you or how air smells like a magic…. music inspire you to dance… air commit to be in a great mood… and you start to believe in Love… in Magic… in Santa 🙂 I love New York just because I live in and with it. Just because it became a part of me.