My Own Anniversary.

Next week, I will be 4-years as a New Yorker, as an American resident, as a critical-immigrant-thinker, as a young woman with a broken heart, and a “dealer in hope” as Napoleon said. Four years ago, I stepped to this “American dreams earth” and I started all over again… My school, my life, I started to change my minds and broke my thoughts to live in this “new” country. I don’t mention a language…it was a painful and critical for me. What do I want to say to me on my 4-th Birthday in US? On my 4-th anniversary? Hm… let’s remember what happened before…


…I started to accustomed to a new language, new traditions such as Thanksgiving day or Hanukah holidays; I learned hundred new words such as unpretentiousness (too difficult to spell it:) and matinee. I learned how to ignore people if you want to skip them in your life. I Learned how to ask about your salary on the first interview. I learned how to stay a brat but with a mature views. I learned how to spend your time in the huge museums, and enjoy every minute in Battery Park or movie in Bryant Park. I learned how to smile without any reason while you are walking thru the best architecture buildings. I learned how to meet up people on the streets and value this relationships. I learned how to love my family with now reasons and no matter of distance (this is very important part:). I learned how to live without your material past but go thru with your memories and love. I learned how to be me… without hesitation and prejudice. I learned how to control my temper (sometimes). I learned how to cry if I want it. This country taught me a lot; If my homeland gave me a theory, my stars-stripes-country gave me a life experience. It teaches me to dream every single day… To believe and never give up. Do you remember this movies with a happy ends? Where it was? Yes… in New York, the city that never sleep. The center of your dreams.

Thank you, America. And happy Birthday to me 🙂 my 4-th Anniversary.

Ps. Sorry for my grammar. I did my best 🙂 again.

Ps*. T. Thank you to tell me to write again. I really miss it 🙂