Just a thought (about a date).

It just came to my mind… yes…this phrase… “How to date a…”  (if you are Russian young woman).

When I came here as an immigrant, I thought why people meet up each other for coffee? Not for lunch, not for a dinner, not at the museums…for coffee, huh?!

I have been dating an American young men and I realized…yes it is very convenient  to meet up for a cup of coffee. Why? I cannot tell for the whole America, I would talk about New Yorkers only…

How to date an American typical man if you are a Russian young woman? Remember, we do not dressed up, this is our style of life. And makeup as well… I just tell you a story. I had a date an American man in the restaurant/bar. We had couple of drinks and then he said, “I like you… Let’s drink then you kiss me…” serious? Boy, are you serious? I said, “Ok… if you get me drunk, it is fine… i will kiss you.” So sad… This young, confident, American man was so drunk to stay on his both… Be prepared to listen a lot of s**!! If you are not prepared, you will die in that.

But it is a good side of it. After couple of it, you can prioritize your choices and brush up your taste. You can be a nerd, or you can be a lady. It depends from you only. How to date a good man? Be a woman, be in your personality… is everything what I can say. If someone doesn’t like your manners, he/she will go away soon. Trust me… I do it all the time… (Manners are the key on a date).

ps. Sorry for my grammar. I did my best 🙂