My trouvaille.

A year ago, one man told me, “I want you to be mine for the rest of my life. I realized that I need you…” And I said, “You never know… Maybe I will be with somebody else in 2013 and I will drown in another eyes… therefore never give me promises.” 

Yesterday, it was this day. This year passed… and I was looking into his eyes; they were full of emotions but he said nothing as usual. I know for sure, he always has this volcano of thoughts and feelings inside of him. He never told me about his feelings but I can feel it, no matter of our distance… I do not need to dress up to impress him, I could wear Ugg(s)ly and my purple (triple large) sweater and feel myself so comfy. We were having a dinner… I was drinking a white wine instead of the red one. He was holding my hand… he was looking at me… and he was repeating “Look at me… I can’t hurt you :))” I do not know if I can called it “Our relationship” but every piece of my soul is feeling him. I am thankful for every day we spend together… there were not a lot of them but anyway… I am thankful for it. I was looking into his eyes and smile… My trouvaille.  

I was looking into his eyes, not yours.