A little bit about mixing…

While I was preparing to my chemistry exam, I realized that chemical solutions like people. We can have two or more elements with different charges, we can react, mix with one another…as the result, we can be soluble and insoluble solutions… we can be gases or solids. We are this kind of chemistry. As you know every solution has cation (+ charge) and anion (- charge)… Like everybody of us has these positive and negative sides of our soul. More elements you have in the solution, more complicated will be the reaction. I can divide people for elements… Just open the periodic table and imagine that every single person is like a pure element. What do you see? The most of elements have positive charge which means that most of us are really good inside πŸ™‚ So for now, let’s see what do we have?

Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals (first two groups). I call them the basic of our personality. If you look at them, there are sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium… we can not live without these elements. They are Β  a fundamentals of our soul like respect, graceful, love, kindness, mercy and others. Comparing with a whole periodic table, there are only 2 groups… the minority but anyway… they are exist. Some people have a lack of potassium or calcium in their blood, they could be too mean or too kind πŸ™‚

Metalloids. These kind of “people” have a strong inner core and have their own viewpoint, opinion on everything. They can kill people with their stubborn and inability to be tolerant. For example, the element Polonium. Because of the exposure of radiation, this element can really hurt you without any visual effects. I love this group of elements because they can hurt you but they can save your life as well. Arsenic were used in medical field and agriculture but you can poison with Arsenic. Nice, right?

Noble gases. Everybody of us have at least one noble gas, sorry… person (smiling) in our surroundings. They are like a noble gases. They can react, but they didn’t. Everybody knows them theoretically but… they are noble; why we need to touch them if they do not react?! These kind people may have a routine everyday, and they may like it. Nobody touch them, and they will not touching you.

Halogens. From my point of view, these kind of people have something magical. Every single person has to have a significant person in their lives; he/she might be a first teacher, lover, husband or wife, your kid. It may be anybody who change you viewpoint on something. They cannot be with you always, but they change your personality internally and externally. It is like a person who put your life from bottom to top and left. But every time when you think about it, it makes you smile.

Transitional Metals. The most of us are transitional metals. We can be a really good or really bad, or we can stay naturally (at the most cases, it is impossible). We can change our valency and charges from +2 to +3 like Iron depend on the situation, or shine like Silver, or change color like Copper or Cobalt. We can be different every time when we ready to mix with somebody.

We are like a pure elements. Sometimes we can be Β in a pair with others. We might have positive and negative charge but in the sum we will have a zero… like we balancing our own feelings inside. Reacting with some people (solutions), we can be a gas in the end… we can be a solid… or we can be soluble in another solution. Just imaging, two pure solutions react with one another… and they are both soluble. You will see nothing in the test tube… clear aqueous and nothing else, and This is a perfect match. But unfortunately, life is not that easy to find a perfect aqueous to have soluble products.

You have to be sure before mixing your life with someone else’s. If you do not think, you can have a solid at the end… different color of precipitant on the bottom of your heart; it could be like a powder, crystals, flakes but it will be a solid which is not a pleasurable thing. In the other cases, you can react and at the end, you will have “a new You” and gas; gas will disappear but it will leave “a new You”. In some cases, it is a good transitional reaction, but in some not.

If you would like to help your parents, friends, or close people to be together, you may not to react, you may be just a catalyst. Catalyst is the person who help to mix/react two or more solutions together without presence in the products.

But every scientist knows that you will not be successful without practice. Guess what? We have to try any different variations to have a perfect match at the end. Good luck πŸ™‚ with mixing and matching. And be careful, some of the products may hurt you physically πŸ™‚Β