If you love Life, Life will love you back (c).

We are creators. We are painters. We are founders.

We can create our own life… paint it in hundred different colors… find million different ways to reach our goal. You do not need everybody… the only thing that you need… is You. Only You.

Some people create a walls around themselves to keep their life private… to be alone… to be lonely. They do not trust others. They do not trust themselves. They try to avoid contacts with new people… they do not want it. They believe that “If I live alone, I can have my freedom, my own space.” Seriously? They would like to share their life with somebody but they care about their privacy more than their own happiness. These kind of people suffer from their own prejudice. And I think it is so stupid; they can create a fairytale, with happy ending, but in a minute, they stopped to believe in their own power to finish it. And they… escape. It is sad. It is look like a game where two kids try to build a sand castle, and one of them just switch his/her attention to something else. It hurts…

Some people create “a walk-in closet” in their life. They try to buy stuff and surround their own life with expensive shoes, bags, jewelry, brands. From my point of view, they prefer to trust things than people. It is more easy to take care of things than real emotions. Some people cannot deal with feelings… they do not value friendship… they might think that love is something amazing and expensive but it is not… they might think that a specific brand can open their soul and show charm but it is not… they might think that respect is more important than graceful but it is not. The main thing is emotions in everything… in your eyes… smile… actions and moreover, in your own thoughts. It is unnecessary to create a beautiful world around yourself, if you have a darkness in here… yes… in the middle… in your soul, in your heart.

The another category of people is always try to fix their own life. I am in this group. Crazy and optimistic from top to toe. We create our own life, thoughts and choose colors to paint our every day routine. We still believe in kindness and trust people. We try to avoid conflicts and understand everybody but our reality beats us every single day to show that it is not right. It gives us a choice to be a bait or to be a shark. Because of this, we have to choose… and most people choose to be a bait because it is calm and stable to be on the bottom. I can understand them because sometimes you need only one thing… to have a stability. On another hand, you can have more or lose everything. If you are brave to lose and start over again without fear, I am applauding right now. Because the pieces of reality always beat us, we can obey or fight with it… Some people are fighting together, some separately… I am sure that it is wonderful to climb on the mountain and hold your partner’s hand; if you do not have it now, don’t be sad… maybe he or she is waiting for you on the top of this mountain already.

Just remember that we are founders. We are creators of our lives, and we have an ability to choose colors we want. And you do not need anything to start it with a smile… the one thing you need is… You.