…because I love apples. (Stories about apple-helpers)

Today, I have a really funny story. My cousin updated my mom’s PC; the printer stopped working (as I expected) and he tried to fix it (almost the whole day). He tried to call to HP and talked to them, and they said, “Sorry, you do not have a warranty on this printer and we cannot help you.” Because my airport connects with my computer and my mom’s PC, we decided to call Apple (Yes, I know… It was a bad idea to call Apple and asked them about PC and my printer). And guess what? We called them. The guy (I forgot to ask his name) that talked to me was so polite and patient. Can you imagine I called Apple to ask about PC? Stupid idea, right? He asked me, “M’am, you have to download … (and this part, I didn’t understand).” Explaining to me and realized that I know nothing about computers, he said, “what’s your email address, I will send you a link right now.” And I said, “a…@me.com.” I was feeling his smile and he said, “Ok, now you have to open your email and link that I sent to you; download, click “next”, “next” and “finish” and it has to work properly.” I was so suspicious about “next, next and finish” part and didn’t let him to hang up the phone. While we were waiting, I told him, “You know what… sometimes I think that people create PC to make others confuse…especially women :)” And guess what? The link that he sent to me, it really worked and I clicked “next” two times and “finish” and magic happened… my printer started to work.

Last year was too busy… a lot of work, studying, exams and a lot of stress. It was wintertime and a final week as usual. Everybody knows that it is impossible to remember every single thing and nuance during the final week. Here’s the story, just imagine… my due date is tomorrow morning, I have to put a 15-pages paper on the prof’s table at 9am. I have to finish my paper tonight and print it; I always have an e-copy online but at this time, I completely forgot to save it on my email box. I came home and my charger didn’t work. Can you imagine that? It didn’t work. This white little thing with an apple sign DIDN’T WORK. It was a panic attack. No paper, no battery, no back-up copy, no charger and it was almost 10 pm. I decided to go to the 5th Ave store to buy a charger at 10 pm (!!!) My mom said, “Call them. They are good in it” and I said, “It is not a software, programs or apps. It is a charger… if it doesn’t work, it will never work again.” Ok… I called. I spoke with Kevin. And he started with “M’am, you have to unplug your charger and plug in again” (I thought, why he said that…  Am I a fool? I did it 100 times before I called him… I am not stupid to call them right away to hear, “unplug and plug in again”). And guess what? After 2 times, it started to work. I thought… “Oh My God, they are crazy…why he said, “unplug and plug in” and it started to work, and when I did it, it didn’t. When I hung up the phone, I was thinking that he thought that I am a crazy young woman who doesn’t know how to use his charger 😀

The truth is… apple-helpers are really good. I am serious, they are. If you need help, they can help you and you can feel their influence during the phone call. And it is amazing. I called them million of times, and I remember one conversation with Alex (or Adam); I asked, “Guys, you are very helpful. What do you eat, drink or smoke 🙂 it is impossible to be that helpful” and he replied, “Oh…the reason is an apple juice :)”

Thanks for your help A.