Picking apples in Upstate NY

I love New York. I love the way I look at it… I love little streets and sirens at 3 am… I love hot or cold fancy coffee with Italian pastry but sometimes I would love to be in a quiet place where fresh air and smell of grass is the simplest thing in the world. One friend of mine found out that we can pick up cherries. I said, “Really? Let’s go then…” I didn’t realize that it will be on the same day πŸ˜€

The place called Fishkill Farm on Fishkill Road πŸ™‚ The name of the farm sounds weird isn’t it? But it is a huge farm and you can pick up cherries, blueberries, strawberries in June, pumpkins and squash in July, apples and tomatoes now… You can buy chickens (up to $15), roosters (the same price), rabbits ($60 for pair), lamb and beef (I don’t know the price). It was a great time lying on the grass, eating apples (especially it’s a Macintosh time) Β and putting your thoughts in the right order. Let me talk about how we get there… First of all, if you would like to pick up something natural and organic, go to this farm… I know it is a little bit far from the city (about 2 hours) but it worth it. The nature is amazing… we passed two lakes and I guess two or three forests. When you started to pass all the highways, it is an amazing feeling πŸ™‚ Because I was reared in the country where mountains are the beautiful-est πŸ™‚ thing, it was a great experience to look at it. Greens on both sides gave a fresh view on everything, especially not “motherland” πŸ™‚ I am in love in green color, so looking on this beauty was a pleasure for me.

Passing couple of highways, the high point was the view of blue sky and green hill… The feeling was like that I am at home… close to Charvak reservoir… It was mixed emotions… it was look like but it was not the real country of mine. But the beauty is that I can accustom to it… no matter of where are you…or what kind of people are next to you, you have to value what is close to your mind, heart and body. And this country and this people are close for now and for this moment I am very thankful for these kind of moments.

Let’s come back to the farm… You have to pay $5 for truck and you can drive and park where you want. You will have a bag and containers to pick up fruits and vegetables. Because I love fruits, I started to try them first. One bag for each is more than enough. You can pick up Β 10-12 pounds in each bag… so it is more than enough. I got about 8 pounds of three sorts of apples beside I ate them… They are organic and very juicy, sweet and natural. If you would like to try the real one, go to farms…leave your high heels and brandy bags at home and feel the power of nature. When you are in the central park, you are in the park (!!!) but when you are in the apple field, it is a different feeling. Smell of grass and apples, bees and bugs are around you, and silence but fresh air and wind help you to think and relax. If you have a day off, please please please go and try it, you will love it.

At the end, I want you to look at my last picture πŸ™‚ this is how apples look like :0 Enjoy your long weekends.Β