I am lucky.

Why? I am not writing depressive statues… I am not thinking about the past… I do not give up in people… I become a positive one… little and positive one. Maybe sometimes I miss my friends and relatives but I know they are healthy and they are happy…

I am Lucky… because If I want to cry, I cry. If I want to laugh, I laugh and it is beautiful. How many people around us want to blame this life of imperfection… but only we can fix it. Every single morning I am looking to this blue sky and I realize that nothing is perfect but only I can fix and make my surrounding perfect. I do not want to live in a negative world and think with “if” and “or” interjections… Everything starts from the stars and ends in our minds. We just need to imagine and believe…truly believe in it.

Yes… I did a lot of mistakes but you see… life gave me another piece of paper to re-write, re-draw or re-create my life… and I am very thankful. Prioritizing my goals, I believe that I can do it. I believe that my past will be my black-and-white pictures in my memory and photo album that make me smile one day. And do you know what? Every year when I analyze the past year, I realize that I learned nothing… I always think that I do not read enough, do not educate enough myself, not smart enough for my 20+ years… and it is a good thing because “we can be successful when our goal will always move forward.”

I want to be thankful from the bottom of my heart for everything. I am very thankful for every person in my life that change my thoughts, views, perspectives, sometimes goals… Thank you Guys. I love you all. I want to share my harmony with you right now. I want you to smile no matter of ups and downs 🙂 because you do not know what these ups and downs will teach you at the end. I want you to be lucky as I am now. I want you will find harmony at your work… feel free with your family… have a truly friends and pure love. One person told me once, “You mean a world to me…” I want you will have the right person besides you… I love the way I feel it now… Please feel it and start to smile right now 🙂