Want to control her? Love her. (emotional note)

If you want to control a woman, Love her. Today I realized that when I am in love, I cannot think…

Absolutely yes, when a man stops to show it or prove it, woman starts to think… and please… it is like a hurricane of thoughts on her mind. My first reaction is “He didn’t need me anymore”, “He found another one”, “He is a *”, “He spend to much time on work… it means he doesn’t respect my feelings.”  Today one person said to me, “Live your life. You are young and you will have everything what you want… believe in it… Men can wait.” It is a simple phrase that everybody of us heard it at least once but it is full of meaning.

Sometimes, I want to scream… “Men, if you want to be with a woman, please please please, be a man. If you would like that your woman will wait for you, give her a faith and keep your promises. If you want to see a lady next to you, please be a gentleman and do not hurt us. Do you remember this phrase, “God creates women, men create bitches…” We, women, like a kids. Do you know the difference between adults and kids? Kids always believe in miracles; kids believe in Santa… kids trust their parents or one of them who promised to come back after the divorce but never did it… kids believe that money come from the wallet and vitamins are chocolate… 🙂

Men, I want to tell you… We, women, are big kids… It doesn’t matter if we have a “critical red” days. Yes we believe in love, true love… at the first sight. We can pretend that we are cold and unemotional, but we still believe that somebody will hold us on his hands one day and make us feel secure and safe. We believe when you say “You are special”… We still believe that princes are still exist…and one of them is waiting for a special one. For example,in USSR, we had to read “Scarlet Sails (Alye Parusa)” by Alexander Grin where Assol’ waited for her man and everybody thought that she was crazy; nobody believed her, but she believed… truly believed. Centuries passed but nothing changed… When people say, “It is not “that” time”… It makes me laugh. Nothing changed. Trust me… nothing. If you want to be a man, you will be a man… if you want to love, you will.

Some of you make us fly and feel butterflies… some of you create a character inside of us… and we become a real bitches with a cold mind inside. If we show that we can hold 25 pounds bag, we can pay for ourselves, we never cry, and we are not jealous… it doesn’t mean that it is not heavy, and we never cry. If we do not show it, it doesn’t mean that we do not think about it… it doesn’t mean that we don’t analyze your words, actions and looks. One person told me once, “We are different and we accept love differently.” And here’s my question… if we will not compromise and move towards each other, so how we will live together then? I want that you will understand that if a woman respects a man’s feelings, a man has to do the same things… if a woman sacrifices her time to be with a person, a man should do the same things and they have to move together… maybe this philosophy is wrong but the truth is IF YOU WANT TO CONTROL A WOMAN, LOVE HER. When you make your woman in love in you, she will do everything to you… Remember that.


Ps. Keep our hearts no matter of whom it may belong… remember that she will be a mother one day.