too honest…

Sometimes we can deal with dishonest people… sometimes we trust them… sometimes you started to believe and then they make you cry and hurt you. My tears…not because their stupid words made me cry… just because I trust them [people] again and again. I never give up on people’s honesty and honor… I don’t give up on people…never.

If a person said “no” before, and said “yes” looking into your eyes… is it right? If a person lied about something and then said to you that was not true… is it right? If a person two-sided you…is it right? It is a hypocritical person. I can pretend that I believe but I will trust people first. Do you know why? Eyes may lie… ears may lie… but this person will never lie. Yes… this philosophy don’t work with most of people… but it is mine.

If I will have a last change to talk with somebody and this somebody will be my enemy, I will never do it. If I will have a chance to survive by giving my hand to my enemy [or person that I do not respect], I prefer to die. I think if a person say “no” once, he/she has not an opportunity to change this position. Sometimes it called insanity, stupidity, brave or honor. I prefer the last one. I hate people when they lie. Why? What for? If you cannot say the truth, just shut your mouth then… Yesterday I found that some people with whom I was close, lied to me. I couldn’t remove them from my life now but I made my conclusions. And this nasty “smell” of their actions make them more petty and cheap in my eyes. I couldn’t believe that people can “sell” their relationship that cheap… but it is my experience, my own one. I understood only one thing: You can fall down, You can face down to the piece of shit, You can cry, laugh, but never ever lie to people. It could be your experience, your OWN experience but You have to be honest with yourself. Always.

I am honest always. If I Don’t like, I will tell. If yes, I will say that… but at the same time, you have to be delicate and accustomed to every situation but never ever lie to a person. Maybe you will be the last faith to his/her eyes, you have to stay a bright person… no matter what.

PS. Not too much about this topic because emotions are too high now to concentrate my thought into words.