I’m in Love in… NY :)

When I came here three years, I thought “Oh my God… this city is a big Garbage.” Million of people with red, green, yellow hair, wearing purple and orange shirts above one another…sometimes they could kiss in front of the church… lesbians and gays… kids don’t respect elder people. I thought, “Oh My God… and this is New York.” This is a big city where I will never be a New Yorker because I have a different view points. I will never eat bagels and drink coffee every single morning because it is so annoying to eat the same food every day. I will never talk in English that fast… Everybody will think that I am Chinese and will judge me as a different person. I will never have friends, I mean American friends because they are different 100 precent. I was always think that I will hate this city form the bottom to the top. I was thinking to switch this city to another one… more quite and friendly “american” town but…

…Three years later…

Today, after my 9-hours shift in Queens I decided to go to the city. First of all, today is still a summer time and I have to enjoy this hot 95-degrees weather. Can you imagine 9-hours shift and you feel so exhausted yourself and you decided to go to the city… just to walk a little bit. I needed to be on Lexington and 28th but I took an “E” train to 23rd and 8th. I decided to walk a few blocks on South (South, right?). I passed 23rd and 8th, 23 and 7th, 23 and Park Ave…then I took “streets” until I reach 26th and 6Ave.I look into this city thru my immigrant’s eyes and I saw this => I saw people with red, green and purple hair and I realized that it is amazing to express yourself and nobody will judge you based on your hair color. I saw a long leopard color dress, high heels and too short shorts with a yellow decollate and I thought, “They are too brave to wear this stuff on streets, but it looked fabulous”. Then I saw two lesbians and their little kid, it was a boy and I thought that it is beautiful to have a significant one and a child and live in harmony in the city where nobody will judge you because you have a great person next to you and a kid no matter of your sexual orientation. I saw couples kissing in parks, next to the church and I understood that Love is still exist…maybe not for a long time but it still exist.

I was so starving and bought tuna salad sandwich and coffee… Three years ago I didn’t drink coffee but in the city that never sleeps you will never survive without a cup of coffee. I started to eat salads and bagels, drink coffee and run for and from the job like I am on the marathon. I started to observe that other nations are not too bad, and I am not a real Asian. I got friends now and I can talk… You will laugh but I CAN talk and I do not care how other people should understand me. I am proud that I was born in USSR but I am proud that I am a part of this country as well. Do you know why? Because I can see the difference between people, culture and can keep my own next to my heart. If three years ago, I had a a prejudice and honor…now… I think it is the stupidest thing that I could have in my previous life. When I had a 2-hours walk today, I realized that this city is a multinational and colorful based on nationalities, skin and hair colors, people and moreover, personalities. I think… I am in love in New York. Sometimes I feel like a piece of something stinky but I have an ability to have a ride to 86th floor and look to New York and said, “My nerves do not worth it… People do not worth it. It is time to live…” Every time when I am stressed out, I am going to the Brooklyn Bridge and walk or Empire State Building and enjoy the view; it calms me down every time when it is needed.

I love this tiny streets next to 14th street and rainbow flags, I love cappuccinos in green village and deserts in little Italy; I love museums on both sides of central park… I love a horrible-smelled subway where I can meet a lot of polite or rude people and compare them between one another. I love Cliffton, NJ because I can observe Manhattan on my hand. I love downtown and our bull and daffys next to him. I love wall street and water street, and sandwiches from the vendors on water streets are the best one. I love kosher and halal food… I love the signs “Keep New York Clean”, “We walk, we Care”, “If you see something, Say Something” and I love street signs like “Gay St”, “Bleecker St”, “34 St” and others. It is an amazing feeling to love the place where you live. Now I can “breath” in New York… it is my city… maybe, sometimes we would like to run from it, but we always come back because of it… And if you buy t-shirts with our slogan, it means you are in love in NY as well.


Seriously, today I had a 2-hours walk and I just enjoyed every minute of my walk. I had a 30-minutes break in the park on 6th and 26th, and it was the best quite time with squirrels, doves and a lot of children around me. Sometimes New York can be rude with you but most of the times You have to find your own place where to hang out, think, read, jogging, eat and just relax…and it is beautiful that you can find everything in one place – New York.

I Love New York. Are you?

PS. People say that patriots should love only their country. Yes I love my country, Uzbekistan but I am a patriot of New York ;P