Re: Father’s Love

I just have read a story on this website about Father’s Love. It was a sweet story about how Dad kissed his daughter while she was crying. Do you know how to be a good daughter? I asked myself just now, “Seriously, you asked this question to yourself?” 🙂 I really… I do not know how to be a perfect daughter but I know who is a perfect Dad.

This man who is always next to me is my Father. He is an amazing young (YES… Young) Man in his 50’s. He was next to me every minute of my life. He is more close to me than my mother. When I was a kid, he stayed next to my bed and wiped my tears. He smiled with me when I got my first tooth on my hand… He throw my tooth on the roof (it is a tradition to throw your teeth on the roof). He taught me how to dance, sing (sometimes) and be a lady. Every single day he was my support… I remember the time when I was waiting for him after his flights; I was crying and fell asleep with his shirts if he was not able to be at home on time.

He is an amazing advisor. He could say something strictly but he never gave me a chance to doubt on myself. When I started to work on the radio station, he drove me every single morning to my work and then picked me up and drove me back to school. He tried to be a part of my life always and now I understand why he was next to me; he was an invisible leader and lead me without my knowledge of it. He was not behind or in front of me… he was always next to me to hold my hand and support me. He is a great friend and I know how does he feel if I cry or upset about something in my life. He never helped me with my problems because he wants to show me my mistakes

but at the same time he is ALWAYS next to me to fix them together. For example, I had a terrible and painful breakup with my boyfriend. He knew it and he was next to me; he said nothing who is right or who is wrong, he just told me something about my life… He said to me that, “You have to grow up no matter what. I will be with you and I want you to be strong… I want you to know that because one day I will not be able to support you but I want you to remember that… always.”

He is very accurate with his words because I am a young woman and some words might hurt me. You cannot imagine how beautiful to feel his embraces, “be careful”, “call me” and “be a good girl” phrases. Sometimes it looks like a control but it is not. It called Love… Father’s Love.

Because I will be always his little girl despite my age, he will be always my lovely Man, my Father. Couple of weeks ago, my Significant person asked me something about my dad and I realized that I know nothing about my dad. I don’t know what kind of work did he have before me… or what is his favorite color… I don’t know him as a person, I know him as my Father, the main person in my life… the best person in my life… the lovely person in my life. I know him as my Father.

I wish you to have a Father… a real Father. If you have a girl, please be this man that she will never forget and will always love you. I have one and I am the happiest daughter in the world because I have Father’s Love.

Ps. Take time to realize that nobody will close than your mom and dad. If you have a second, text them or call them to let them know that you care about them. It is beautiful…