…Growth is Optinal.

I remember… when I came to America, I couldn’t “‘hear” people and understand them. I couldn’t talk because I was ashamed of my Russian accent. Because I tried to find solace in the social networks, I began to rot mentally. And I found a good story online about children… to make a long story short, the main idea of the story was that children never give up on something. If they fell down, they began to get up and move, get up and move until they start to walk without support. And the idea of the story was, “If we still were a children, we might fell but we will never give up on our goals.” Every single day we face to face with our fears of something…and “If” situations follow us everywhere. What if I couldn’t make it… what if I fail this exam… what if I may not have an ability to reach this or that… We always live between “if” and “maybe” and sometimes it makes me crazy because it is impossible to live between doubts.

Because I started to live in a very competitive environment where every third person is a “shark”, you have to accustom to this life; you have to choose to be a prey or predator. Most of the time, situations change your mind and decision but sometimes you have to be strict and confident, and it does not matter do you believe in it or not. Everything can change around you… and your choice is to grow up or stay at the same position. “Change is inevitable, Growth is optional” is a motivational motto for me to grow up and move every single day. Growth for me starts from the details; every day I force myself to go to the GYM, read 15-pages at least, continue this blog and hold discipline by waking up on time, making a plan and following this plan every single month and year. Sometimes it looks so annoying but I know that “You can achieve more if you go directly to your goal if it will always move forward from you.” Sometimes I want to be a child because I do not want to give up and I want to get up again and again to move to my dreams and goals. When you become older, you start to lose this ability to believe in your own inwardness. Despite the fact that we learn  more and become smarter and wiser, we lose a physiological and animal factors to fight and move no matter what… Maybe sometimes we forget how to wake up after the fall, or sometimes we believe in reality that satisfied us.

Just imagine that you have to jump from one side to another, from one mountain to another one. You have  a ladder on the side where you standing right now and nothing on another side… And you doubt… Will you jump? Are you afraid not to reach the another side? Do you scary to fail? Do you scary to have scars and bruises after your jump? Let’s imagine that you reach you goal smoothly and have couple of bruises, it sounds perfect, right? But what if you fell into the abyss and when you raised your head, you could observe a ladder and nothing on the another side. What will you do next? Will you go up and try again using your ladder or will you climb to your goal without anything on your hands? Here is an example where people
may give up after two, three, five, seven attempts… and a great example where people can climb and have injuries but move no matter of obstacles and problems they have on their way. Sometimes it is too difficult to imagine my future, my ten years in a medical school but, when I analyze this story, I always want to run, walk, climb or crawl to my dream. I know it will be difficult and crazy… depressed and tough… but the result will worth it. I know. Sometimes to achieve your goal, you have to make just a first step. If you doubt sometimes, I recommend you to become a child and move further and further and never give up on yourself.

PS. Always remember how a child smiles because of the sun, food, and a toy… remember how they get up every time when they cannot walk… remember what kind of internal power they have to stand up and walk… remember how they never give up on learning things…read…write… color your walls… Be a child in your soul because it is beautiful to believe that you are the one who can change this world and especially your own life.