…I am a faithful wife.

– Why you don’t believe me?

– I’m sorry… but it is my nature. I cannot believe that you will wait for me while I am served. I am sorry. It is too difficult to believe that you can wait… you are a woman… a beautiful young woman with your own life… 

I heard this story millions of times and I always thought that it is just a words to leave a woman without an explanation of what happens. Couple of months ago, I met a couple; he is a Marine and she is a beautiful young girl. One problem between them is his Marine trainings. He can leave her for weeks or months and don’t show up… he was a really nice guy at the beginning and when his trainings starts, he may not to call her, email her… and I always thought how she can deal with it. Because we were talking a lot about it, she shared once that “I am a Marine’s girlfriend, and this is my style of life… I have to wait him because I love him.” She said that he asked her to leave him because of his schedule and possibility to serve in Afghanistan, but she rejected his question and said, “I want to wait you.” Ps. he is staying in America.

Isn’t it beautiful to have a person who can wait for you in a different country… who can be faithful… and be a part of your life at the distance of 20000 km? Isn’t it beautiful to have a person who keeps your secrets, letters, text messages for a months to keep track of your life… who can wait for your calls and whisper three important words on the phone? Isn’t it beautiful to have a person who can smile to you and than cry after hanging up the phone…just because she didn’t want to make you upset?

Unfortunately, another story that I have to share is not that happy like the previous one. Unlike my friend that I mentioned above, my another girlfriend’s boyfriend is serving in Afghanistan now. She said, “I am a faithful wife… I still have a hope to start a normal and settled style of life  after his serving.” But everybody knows that if you are or were in the system, you cannot leave it. Like everybody said, “Once a Marine, Always a Marine” and it really makes me sad… Every time when I start to talk, her eyes fill with tears… but she cannot cry; she doesn’t have this right because of her status: a strong woman with a piece of faith… I asked her a lot of questions and I love one of her answers, she said, “It is my choice to be in this kind of relationship. I don’t know what will happen when he comes back… but I know that I have not betrayed him.”

It is a very strong commitment between two people. At the first time, they have nothing to share… no children… no family… no earnings… no obligations… but warmth between two souls. Sometimes they cannot talk a lot about love and feelings but each of them know that they have a person who is waiting for him/her. Sometimes 20-seconds talk “I am ok. I miss you” can be more dearly than a thousand words spoken in vain. Commitment is not what you signed or promised, it means more if you still have a faith and you live with it. I have a neighbor who was served in Vietnam and he said to me, “I didn’t lose my girlfriend…Do you know why? Because it was another time… when young men go to another countries today, women cannot wait them because they think they waste their time. I think this is the main reason why they don’t believe women after their serving. Every second servant has this kind of problem… you have to excuse them because they become nuts about women when they come back home.” I heard him and I asked a question to myself, “What will I do in this kind of situation. Will I wait or Will I give up?” I think (oh My God… I am still thinking…) I could say that it will depend from the situation but now I am 100% confident with my answer, and yes… I will wait. I think this type of people can feel…can truly feel losses (physical and emotional losses of their friends, army-brothers, etc)… they can observe on 180 degrees their lives… they can stand for the idea… they cannot betrayed because they know what code of honor is… they believe in family values and appreciate everything from people… and I think it is an honor to be a woman of this kind of man.

PS. If you have a relationship and problems, please do not throw them out… try to fix them first because sometimes it is easy to offend each other but it is more difficult to bring warmth between one another after that.