Somebody Who Can Make You Smile. (Emotional note)

Three years ago I came here…in America… I completely switched my life… I got a 30-minutes program on the government radio station, 2-pages on the famous youth-fashion magazine, psych trainer career, manager assistant position on the Fashion Weeks, youth program coordinator career… I had friends, connections, boyfriend, rest of my family in my country… I came here three years ago and got a cashier position in the grocery store where fat men tried to flirt with you and old ladies humiliated your English… I got a bunch of fears about money, education and my private life… Seriously, this life brake me down… It showed me the reality of the American Dream. And I thought, “Is that what I wanted?” I lost my friends in routine… Because it was a difference on time, we could not talk or share our life stories together. For sure, I lost my connections at my job and my private life ruined. I thought it was the end of my “life story” because I lost what I needed more than air, my surroundings. But… life is an amazing thing, you know… I am sure you know. After three years of waiting something new, I realized that I am standing at the same place. I just put my head down and did not want to look around… when I stopped to mourn for the past, I saw that my future is waiting for me already. I want to scream right now that, “You wasted three years of your life… for nothing. Nothing is priceless but time, your time. Every single day you wished to come back to the past… and YOU did not want to look further… Look around… Go and catch up everything…”

You can do whatever you want… You can find a new ways to be on touch with your past… You can live with your memories… You can idolize them… But it would not help you in your present…

I want to tell you my story about a person who changed my view to this country. It was a lot of people who helped me to accept America as my own country but this person changed my point of view on everything what I knew before. Here is the story 🙂 Once upon a time, almost two hundreds days ago, I met a wonderful person (Sounds good, isn’t it?). Unlike other Americans, this person had a Personality and a strong life position. This person was an amazing confident in different situations; moreover, this person was familiar with Easterns. The thing that I love the most is that we could talk on “the same language”, I mean culturally we can understand each other. I could talk and share my first impressions about people and I was hundred precent sure that this person could understand me. I called this person S. which means Significant person, especially in my life. I do not know why but this person makes me smile and believe… Maybe you can ask me, “Believe in what?” ….believe in everything. This Significant person inspired me to learn more and improve my knowledge no matter of sickness, separation or language/cultural barriers. I am very thankful because this person showed me the way where I have to go. For now.. yes… I am follower now, but it is nothing wrong with it. This person do not give me an ability to doubt in something… and it is a beautiful feeling to have this kind of person next to you who can understand, support and give an advice when it is needed. It looks like my own personality resurrected from the ashes like the Phoenix. Every single thing started from my job, friends, private life and career became stable and I became more confident in myself. Despite the fact that I still have problems on expressions on the foreign language, I stopped to worry about it. I stopped to worry about pieces, now it is time to see the whole picture… And yes… I am very thankful that my destiny brought this person to my life… And here is my advice… if you are despair about your immigrant’s life or life as a whole, do not hold your problems… let them flow from you, and you will see how everything will change…soon.

-If you have read it, Thank you my Significant one for being a real You. I am very appreciate that. You are Leader and how N.Bonaparte said, “Leader is a dealer in hope.” Thank you for giving me this hope.