Deepening knowledge. (C)

I had a conversation with a co-worker couple of months ago and she said, “I hate to study… I hate to write papers/essays and I hate due dates.” Another person [he was a young man, 25 years old] said, “College is not for everybody. Only nuts can study in there… I am a Person and if somebody don’t want to follow my rules, I don’t care.” I realized that because of the bed of roses, people, especially young people do not understand the  price of education in reality. Because of ambitions and easiness of making money, they do not have an ability to see the whole picture of their future; and it is sad. What motivates me to study and learn more is my kids. I know… I know… I do not have them yet but… I will have them one day and the priceless thing that I can give them will be an education and basic knowledge such as respect, tolerance and loyalty. I do not want that my kid will ask Google to find an answer for the question “what is good or bad?” I do not want my kid will read an e-books instead of feeling the real pages and play computer games instead of playing monopoly, word searching and other intellectual games.

 Yesterday I was in the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, and  one of his sculpture inspired me to write a couple of phrases about  it. It called “Deepening knowledge”… at the first sight, you can see a piece of basalt and nothing special but if you look deeper, you will see the piece of art. It was a sculpture of rounded  shape, two polished openings were on the both sides and some toreutics around them. I looked at it like, it was an amazing feeling how he transferred emotions and knowledge thru the piece of rock. This rock looked like our knowledge about everything: life, relationship, love, respect, care and many others. Our personality is a piece of rock at the beginning… and only you can polished it to make a perfect piece of art from it. But the more you learn, the more your soul and internal world become bigger and deeper… your thoughts become pure and you start to prioritize your goals based on it. Living and improving your knowledge about something is like a polishing this piece of rock but with every move this rock getting thiner and thiner… Sacrificing unnecessary parts to be a perfection, polished your soul and knowledge about this life. I believe that the more you learn, the more your soul become bared. You have to hone your skills by opening your mind and thinking freely and here is when your internal world become bared and unprotected from others. Unfortunately you have to choose only one: to be a bared person with experience and knowledge about your own life, or to be protected but with spiritual emptiness inside. After yesterday, I understood that I would like to pick the first choice. And what about you?

PS. I truly believe that education make difference in people’s minds; it gives an ability to think outside the box and show more opportunities to develop as a person.