Immigration is not for everybody. New Home is not for everybody.

Yesterday, he asked me “Where is your home?” And I answered, “My home is here, in New York.” When I came back home, I realized that Here is my Home. It is so… Continue reading

BALI Graduate 2014 Speech.

From the first year at my school in Uzbekistan, I wanted to give a valedictorian speech. Yes… I wanted to inspire people around me but it did not happen. My dream was to… Continue reading

Where is your Home?

He asked me, “so where is your home?” I smiled and said “It is New York.” I couldn’t think before that I can call this city “home” and My realization will come to… Continue reading

The Best Speech by Maya Bernstein (that makes me cry and smile at the same time)

I met Maya Bernstein, young girl, talented and open minded person. I met her at Bella Abzug Leadership Institute 2014 where we had a 12-days Leadership program. Because her speech was so powerful… Continue reading

#HerConference <3

I attend one of my favorite events in the city last week. I attend #HerConference and got a lot of positive thoughts after it. It was the second year straight for me and… Continue reading

Benefits of Studying in Central Asian “Banana Republics*”

I am an American student. It sounds so proud but in reality it is not. Today, I am going to tell you why. When I volunteered in my country, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, I… Continue reading

The Notebook. (Letters)

I still love to write letters. Handwriting. Thoughts. Music. Herbal tea. I still love to write you using a pen and notebook. Simple words on the simple paper… Simple emotions inside of the… Continue reading

A Simple Growth Plan.

The younger¬†we are, the more we procrastinate. Every single time, when I start to study for my classes, I have my outside things such as Facebook, twitter, phone calls or unexpected messages… and… Continue reading

She whispered, “Everything will change soon”.

She was lying down and said, “Do you have something to hide from me?” He was trying to cuddle her but she refused to kiss him. She got up and took a cigarette.… Continue reading

Do not mess up again… (or Thank you, S*).

Sunday morning. Skype is ringing. Kind of plain conversation… Silence… Laugh… – I do not dance. – You never dance before and I think nothing is changed since then. You were sitting on… Continue reading

Everything is relative. (or Life is more beautiful when someone’s cheek needs our buried nose. )

Everything is relative. I, like the most Russian women, hate feminism. I do not understand gender equality and the idea that woman has to be independent and vice versa. I believe that man… Continue reading

I Thought I will Never Find a Way Without You… but…

February 22, 2009.¬† I am crying. I am sitting on the plane and counting rosary on my hand and I am talking to you… I remember 17th of February when you suggested to… Continue reading

Opposite Side of My Smile.

I remember one story from my life tonight. And decided to share with you. I realized that I hate liars… You may ask, “Who loves them?” I did. Yep, was too stupid and… Continue reading

Multiculturalism in Dating.

How to begin relationship in a big city? First of all, in reality it is tough to find a soul mate today, especially in the big city. In New York, it is Impossible…… Continue reading

2014. The way I feel.

  Do you know how it feels like? You just close your eyes… and someone is touching your hair… whispering “I see you… across the room… I can’t stop staring…” Do you know… Continue reading